Book design, typography, type design, advertising design, cover design, web design, digital art, animation, 3D modeling and texturing....
These are some of the many creative arts I have pursued over the years even as I built a career in information technology as a software engineer and application architect. From my home in central Wisconsin, I continue my creative endeavors.
My 3D brand, where I develop and sell 3D models and assets for artists using applications like Daz Studio and Poser
A community for 3D artists and enthusiasts, featuring a marketplace, freebies, tutorials, forums, etc. Where I currently sell my 3D products.
Developer of Daz Studio and related technologies and applications, featuring a marketplace, galleries, forums, etc.
A font marketplace offering fonts from foundries large and small, old and new. Where I currently sell my fonts.
A place to host tools I developed for OpenType font developers.
Former Clients and Projects
Alex-Sin Manufacturing
Cat's Ear
City University of New York
Digital Type Review
Miles Kimbal

Mr. Vargus
New Odyssey Press
Sixteenth Century Studies Conference
Truman State University Press
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